Bryn is not my real name

Not so romantic

‘Bryn’ meaning ‘hill’ in Welsh is where I would like to think my nickname came from. Sadly it is far less romantic, I’m actually named after Uncle Bryn from Gavin and Stacey, after first living in France many years ago, and well, it stuck. I don’t dress like him, for the avoidance of doubt…

And the love of bikes?

Well I suppose my ‘cycling career’ really got started when I got annoyed at an event organiser who back tracked on a promised women’s prize. I had bust a gut trying to win the QOM timed stage only to find out that they downgraded to a men’s prize only. I took to twitter in a rage and I guess the rest is history.  Since then I’ve been on a mission to spread the cycling equality gospel to anyone who will listen.

I sit as women’s secretary for  Dulwich Paragon CC (one of the largest cycling clubs in the UK) and I ran the not-for-profit organisation London Women’s Racing. I love cycling in all its forms (particularly cyclocross!) and i’m always up for an adventure. I’m always delighted to hear from other women in cycling, who may be looking for their own adventure however big or small that might be.

I am a freelance writer, and available for comment, copy, reviews, photo/film shoots, speaking and blogging and now work in cycling full time mainly looking at maps and sitting on a plane. Get in touch if you have something fun we could chat about.

Hope to hear from you soon, and for now, happy riding.

– BBH –