Blogging for Grand Tours Project


In a typical 21st century way, I met Alain, CEO of the cycling experience company Grand Tours Project over twitter. Even though we had never met before and lived in completely different countries, we had several friends in common through cycling.

Alain and I are both Rapha Ambassadors, and well being part of that family means that you have a wonderful network. Alain is a seriously impressive guy, having completed the Transcontinental Race in 2015, working at the UCI for 20 years and now starting up Grand Tours Project, all as a new father.

It wasn’t long before I then met owner of Grand Tours Project Keith Tuffley on a busy afternoon in central London. Keith is unlike anyone I have ever met before. He has an impressive track record in the business world, now sitting as Managing Partner and CEO of the not-for-profit The B-Team,  along with having super human endurance skills. Keith completed every single stage of the Giro, Tour de France and Vuelta on the same days as the pros in 2013. Incredible.

Alain and Keith have been incredibly supportive of my change in direction, and are also enjoying watching my story unfold. I am blogging for Grand Tours Project and my story of finding my confidence and leaving the big city job can be found on their website.

Part one: Deep breaths


Part two: My #giroproject

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