A woodland adventure in images

My latest blog for Grand Tours Project has been posted: a tale of cooling wine in a stream, riding around a fairytale village at dusk and thinking ahead to our big adventure…

The weather came good- finally! Unbroken sunshine was forecast for 2 days solid, summer had arrived and we were going wild camping in the backyard*.

*I now consider the entire mountain we live on to be the back yard…

The location had been clocked on a run I had done recently. I now class my running more as cyclocross route recons, working out whether it might be rideable and then reporting back into HQ where we get out the maps and work out how far and how high we could ride. This particular location is quite frankly one of the most beautiful on earth. It’s like something from a children’s story book. You expect little red riding hood to come walking by at any point.

Enjoy the snaps taken by JC here and have a read of our evening on Grand Tours Project. Look forward to telling you more about the big one soon.

Evening light
Summer hut
Evening spin

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