A mid-week mid-Wales crisis #1

I’ve just downloaded 4 weather apps. I’ve panic bought a tiny stove, a tin cup and some of that dehydrated shit which I probably won’t even touch. I very nearly just spent £200 on a new sleeping bag, then saw sense. I will regret that in 24 hours when freezing my arse off . I drove to two shops in Cardiff looking for OS Map 200. Neither of these shops had it. Either it’s a popular place, or a map that never sells…

So what exactly am I doing. Its pretty simple. I’m running away, deep into the wilderness of mid-Wales to get some space and some perspective and hopefully some beautiful riding.  My head hurts, I could do with some fresh air and well 3 Peaks is coming and I should really ride my bike.  The picture on the top of this blog is from the last time I was in this area, the Elan Valley, and it was wild and beautiful.  I’m feeling pretty wild and flighty so the area should suit my mood.

Stood in the first map store this morning that didn’t have the 200, my memory was jogged of me standing there around 6 years ago buying some waterproof trousers and a fleecy buff, and heading off towards the hills of the Beacons to just find some space after a pretty shitty time with a certain Belgian doofus.

Everything but the bloody 200

So, I’ve mapped three days of riding and I’ve going to stay in two bothies which I have never done before. I’m going by myself, and I have no idea what I’m doing, really but as long as I’ve got some cake, a bobble hat and a Swiss army knife it should be ok. I guess this is why I’m writing about it. This isn’t the most inspired writing I’ve ever done, more some words that need to get put down somewhere. Maybe these words will act as a sort of self-reassurance that it Will Be Ok so long as it doesn’t piss it down for three days straight (checks all the weather apps) and I don’t run out of cake.

Wish me luck.



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