Bryn Rides Bikes

Hi. Nice to meet you.

In 2014 I got annoyed at an event organiser who back tracked on a promised women’s prize. I had bust a gut trying to win the QOM timed stage only to find out that they downgraded to a men’s prize only. I took to Twitter in a rage, and Total Women’s Cycling picked it up. They gave me some space online to write, and the rest is a side hustle history.

I was very lucky to sit as women’s secretary for  Dulwich Paragon CC alongside being part of a dedicated team running the not-for-profit organisation “London Women’s Racing“. I now race for the small but mighty CX team Good Vibes Only, headed up by the creative genius Adeline Moreau of Mercredi Bikes. We as a team are kindly supported by SRAM, and I am a part of the Velocio family.

I work in strategic development for major amateur endurance sports events such as the Haute Route and the UTMB, alongside having some time for freelance writing and content creation.

Hope to hear from you soon, and for now, happy riding.

– BBH –