Seven Steps to Trail Heaven

Miles Davis knew a thing or two about jazz music.   Scotland knows a thing or two about incredible trails, seven precisely.  Much like one of Miles' albums, the world class 7stanes trail centres have something for everyone, and after trucking up the M6 from London recently in a van packed full of all the… Continue reading Seven Steps to Trail Heaven

A mid-week mid- Wales crisis #3: thank god for whisky

21:15 Wednesday night Thank god I brought whisky. The Lluest Cwm Bach bothy and I are just getting acquainted with one another, me learning her creaks and groans as the fire warms her timbers. I'm sat by the fire that was prepared for me supping a whisky hot choc out of my tin cup. My… Continue reading A mid-week mid- Wales crisis #3: thank god for whisky

That’ll be two extra large big mac meals please. South Downs Way in a day.

Yesterday was a blur. We were so tired on arrival into Eastbourne we did something really stupid and just jumped on a train we saw on the platform. We had 1 minute to go to get the train we wanted and of course presumed it was ours, without checking the board. It wasn't. We got off at a random station, found a Premier Inn and McDonalds at a motorway services. Tiredness does some funny things to you.

Toy toast, ear plugs and cold showers: how to survive a stay in a refuge

Have you ever been in the mountain village and seen a few twinkling lights coming from the tops of the mountains late at night? High up in the mountains all over the world exist a network of mountain huts or refuges, where amongst other things, you can buy an ice cold beer. Perfect!
I've put together a handy how to guide which covers some useful tips for staying high and what to expect.