A mid-week mid- Wales crisis #3: thank god for whisky

21:15 Wednesday night Thank god I brought whisky. The Lluest Cwm Bach bothy and I are just getting acquainted with one another, me learning her creaks and groans as the fire warms her timbers. I'm sat by the fire that was prepared for me supping a whisky hot choc out of my tin cup. My… Continue reading A mid-week mid- Wales crisis #3: thank god for whisky

That’ll be two extra large big mac meals please. South Downs Way in a day.

Yesterday was a blur. We were so tired on arrival into Eastbourne we did something really stupid and just jumped on a train we saw on the platform. We had 1 minute to go to get the train we wanted and of course presumed it was ours, without checking the board. It wasn't. We got off at a random station, found a Premier Inn and McDonalds at a motorway services. Tiredness does some funny things to you.