It’s just like riding a bike. Right?

Getting back on the bike has it's challenges. I take a look at a few that have been niggling at me in my latest blog. "It's been far from a hop on and ride into the sunset type experience. Far far from it. I've been a nervous wreck. I don't even think I was this nervous when I first took to the bike. So what the hell is going on? Where on earth does our confidence go? Clipping in, skinny tyres, steep hills: it's brought me out in a grumpy rash. I'm slowly getting over it now and finding some flow but it's not easy and there is a way to go yet."

Days and film. The good amongst the bad. Part 1.

Life has been a bit testing recently. The C word has come into my family and managed to wreak the havoc that I have only read or heard about previously, and never experienced myself. A few weeks back my dear old dad was diagnosed with colon cancer.  The Welsh Mafia that is my family mobilised… Continue reading Days and film. The good amongst the bad. Part 1.

A mid-week mid-Wales crisis #2: thank god for Daisy

00:25am Wednesday early hours I'm sat in my sleeping bag on a wooden plynth sipping whisky from a plastic bottle. Burning to my left is a fragranced candle (Fresh Cotton) bought in a hurry from Wilko's, Merthyr Tydfil, and I am so glad I bothered to carry it. The blustery wind is buffeting the slightly… Continue reading A mid-week mid-Wales crisis #2: thank god for Daisy