Adventure, unedited

"Sometimes tracks on maps are lying little bastards. They lure you in with their meandering paths that look like they lead to greatness, when actually they just stop dead. In the case of this unedited adventure, I’m not sure the path even started. Having more than just a drop of stubborn in me can sometimes… Continue reading Adventure, unedited

How to have a secondary childhood in your thirties.

I'm becoming more and more aware that the years are going more quickly. This is not a morbid blog post but rather a musing of how a trip home for Christmas this year took me back to some places that had not entered my mind for many years. We live in a fast society. I'm… Continue reading How to have a secondary childhood in your thirties.

That’ll be two extra large big mac meals please. South Downs Way in a day.

Yesterday was a blur. We were so tired on arrival into Eastbourne we did something really stupid and just jumped on a train we saw on the platform. We had 1 minute to go to get the train we wanted and of course presumed it was ours, without checking the board. It wasn't. We got off at a random station, found a Premier Inn and McDonalds at a motorway services. Tiredness does some funny things to you.

Toy toast, ear plugs and cold showers: how to survive a stay in a refuge

Have you ever been in the mountain village and seen a few twinkling lights coming from the tops of the mountains late at night? High up in the mountains all over the world exist a network of mountain huts or refuges, where amongst other things, you can buy an ice cold beer. Perfect! I've put together a handy how to guide which covers some useful tips for staying high and what to expect.

A mountain like no other. Returning to Ventoux.

This week I rode back up to the mystical mountain in Provence: the Mont Ventoux. It was like riding it for the first time all over again. I've reposted a piece that was originally published on last year, to relive the magic. FRANCE - A NUMBERS GAME The mountain stands alone above the landscape, two… Continue reading A mountain like no other. Returning to Ventoux.