A mid-week mid- Wales crisis #3: thank god for whisky

21:15 Wednesday night Thank god I brought whisky. The Lluest Cwm Bach bothy and I are just getting acquainted with one another, me learning her creaks and groans as the fire warms her timbers. I'm sat by the fire that was prepared for me supping a whisky hot choc out of my tin cup. My… Continue reading A mid-week mid- Wales crisis #3: thank god for whisky

Toy toast, ear plugs and cold showers: how to survive a stay in a refuge

Have you ever been in the mountain village and seen a few twinkling lights coming from the tops of the mountains late at night? High up in the mountains all over the world exist a network of mountain huts or refuges, where amongst other things, you can buy an ice cold beer. Perfect! I've put together a handy how to guide which covers some useful tips for staying high and what to expect.